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Sep. 17th, 2005

06:09 pm - I do what I want

I don't go to school, and I kill people. Just kidding! I go to school. I make pastries, and sometimes, I make pastries. The bottom of my feet are really dirty, so I must shower, before I go to Tanya's with my boyfriend who would do anything for me in the whole goddamn world. He even wrestled a bangladesian tiger and he lost, but it was a big tiger and he held his own fairly well. Tanya never wrestled any sort of animal, except for a mountain lion. Sure she beat the mountain lion, but it was old, and lost all its fight back in 'Nam. Well kudos to you Tanya, and thank you mountain lion for defending america in that godforsaken country against those commie bastards. And thank you Jenny Hawkins for single handedly destroying the Soviet infostructure with nothing but a tooth brush and some cheese doodles. Sweet sweet cheese doodles.

Jillian Jillian Jillian Kelly.

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Aug. 22nd, 2005

11:59 pm - The Dude Abides.

I haven't written in forever, so here's how things are going: AWESOME.
I abided all summer. I got an apartment, didn't work and basically just lived the dream. The Dude would be proud, except that I didn't get to go to Lebowski Fest KY, but I'm gonna go to NY in October, so it's all cool.
Jenny and I have had lots of fun at Hamilton Court and we'll be moving out on Saturday. Then on to better things and more awesome fun with Missy and Amanda at 40th and Pine. YAY!
Also, stalking people pays off and Micah rocks my socks.
I'm kinda excited to get back to school and be in a kitchen again. I got Chef Andress for my hands on classes, so that should be no problem. I just hope Missy can get her classes switched so she can be with all of us.
Thats all for now.

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Jun. 8th, 2005

11:15 pm - Number one reason I love Philadelphia today:

Fucking Nick Hornby did a reading at the fucking library today, how fucking cool is that? He's so hilarious and brilliant. I've really got to get around to reading more of his books. The new one that he read some of tonight sounds really good, people have said it's sort of like The Breakfast Club, so you know I'll love it. Basically it's about these four people who go to the top of the same building on New Years Eve to commit suicide, but then they all decide not to jump. So if you're into Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy, Fever Pitch, How to be Good...etc) check out his new book A Long Way Down.
I might go to another reading when Bruce Campbell is there. There's a sneak preview screening of The Man with the Screaming Brain afterwards. So, if I don't have a job by then and I have someone to go with I'll probably go. Pat might go again, we'll see.
Anyway, that's what happened today that made it worth it to put up with the fucking heat and humidity. It's hot as fucking balls, man. I think I'll get an air conditioner this weekend when Dan comes to visit.

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Jun. 6th, 2005

04:26 pm - Pull the trigger till it goes...click

I haven't updated in a while...

I was home yesterday and having a really good day doing arts and craftsy things (papier mache for Dan) and then I got really fucking horrible news that something really fucking horrible happened to someone really important to me. That's all I can say about it.

Uh, yeah...so now I live in the city with my pal, J-Dawg, and two other people. Lee is cool. He has a fire engine toothbrush. I'm still not working, but I'll get a job when I'm ready. I've got money in the bank and no bills, so no hurry. Jenny brought her sewing machine, so I'm finally getting to make the quilt I always wanted to make. I had a lucid dream the other night, it was really fucking cool. Catherine leaves on Friday and I won't see her again till November, but Ari should be home soon. Had a date on Friday, not so great, but I got to go to FARMiCiA. It's hot as fucking sweaty scrotum balls around here, so I'm thinking about putting a pool in the kitchen, eh? I'm okay now because I'm in Jenny's windtunnel.

Back to doing crafty things

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Apr. 10th, 2005

02:47 pm - Wild child full of grace, savior of the human race

Well...NO MORE LBF! I'm excited and sad about it all at once. I got all teary-eyed when I hugged John and Rob goodbye even though I know I'll see them still. Then Antoine came and when I was setting the carts and said, "Last cart..." He told me it was nice working with me, that I'm a good worker, he'll miss me, and I'll do well for myself. Sunny told me that if I start to feel too sane I should come back for a visit. Freddy and Sean made a Jill-sandwich to make me feel better. All night people were congratulating me and telling me if I need any hook ups for another job give them a call. Danielle had connections at Farmacia. Kevin the General Manager said to call him if I want to work for Bobby Bennet at Miel. Chris knows people at White Dog. Everything is going to be perfectly awesome.
After work I hung out while the waitstaff set tables for Monday and we drank wine, but NOT by the glass wine. Haha. Then I went to the P&P with Scott and Sabina. On the way there Scott ran into his friend from grade school or high school or something who was "mildly intoxicated" and had just been hit by a car. So Scott asked Matt to come along for a drink. Quite a shady fucking bar, and you can only get in if you know someone. Sabina left. We talked about coffee cake and music and high fiving. We left. Scott lived around the corner, so Matt and I caught a cab to his place and I helped him get his bike up to his apartment. I should have crashed there, but I'm a jerk so I left. He offered to call me a cab, but once again, I'm a jerk and had to be independent. So I was walking and walking and found myself at Logan Circle at 4:30 in the morning. I got back to school by 5 and passed out.
I'm home now. I'm going back to school around six and I'm going to a show with Scott and possibly Matt, Jenny and Amanda if they all want to go. Tomorrow, Chef Pierre is judging some competition at school and said I should stop by so I'm going to try to do that. Then I'm going to help Jenny find a job. Erin might come down too. Tuesday lots of class, but no research. Wednesday, career fair, no math, hang with Amanda possibly go to the Film Fest. Hang out with Adela, maybe do dinner? Then go smoke with Kristen, Rob and John and who ever else. Thursday, class and four square if we get a ball. Friday, class, drawing in Rittenhouse Square with the girls?

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Mar. 21st, 2005

04:27 pm - She says that long ago she knew someone, but now he's gone

I've got some new ideas about people...but I don't want to ramble.

Had an interesting community service experience on Sunday. Chocolate fountain broke. We still had fun.

Jenny, Amanda and I went to Horizons for some fake meat. They actually liked it and the dessert was fucking amazing. Between the hot pink kitchen aid, the organic melt in your mouth lemongrass chocolate and that dessert the day was like one long orgasm.

Tim picked us up. He got some free water ice and then we had a big fight. We decided not to get a divorce. We have a date next week, we'll see how it goes.

Bought two movies today, some bubble tape and hair putty.

Pat has been sleeping at Julie's for the last two nights. He also took off Friday and wanted to come down and hang out with me, but I don't have time.

Everyone has been making me feel neglectful like that.

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Mar. 10th, 2005

12:17 am - This is why Jared rocks my socks...

JKGenius: i need a pet name like sport, kid, champ, tiger, and slugger
JRem2181: tiger urrr like a tiger aggresive sexy
JRem2181: hahah
JKGenius: whaaat, jared, help me fast
JRem2181: uhhhh "fox"
JKGenius: no, thats not the same at all
JRem2181: KITTEN
JKGenius: no
JKGenius: you suck at this
JRem2181: haha little sheepered
JKGenius: thats not even a word!
JRem2181: shepered i mean
JRem2181: t
JKGenius: shepherd?
JKGenius: like one who herds sheep?
JRem2181: i dont know how bout sweet betty
JKGenius: sweet betty? what is wrong with you?
JRem2181: lol
JKGenius: i love you anyway
JRem2181: me too thanx baby

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Mar. 8th, 2005

09:25 pm - Ignorance is bliss.

So yesterday was fun. The brownies rocked. Erin and I talked about so much, she'll always be one of my best friends. I told her about how I cried a lot about Pat and Julie and she told me that Andrew broke up with her sister and she cried about that too. I felt a lot better knowing I wasn't the only one that would react like that. Anyway, we went to South Street with Dan, Chris and Jenna. Erin called me and I told her to come down. She came with Jessie and Kelly. Steve called because he was in the city. He met up with us. Dan didn't like him and told me I'm not allowed to see him again, haha.
Now I'm back at school. I'm thinking about something a lot...too much...too much for my own good. I'm confused, really, really, confused. What should I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO!?

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Mar. 7th, 2005

04:01 pm - Don't Care How I Want It NOW!

Erin R. slept over last night. Went to lunch with big sister. Smoked with Erin out of a tin foil pipe. Making brownies with half a bag of mini choc chips and m&ms. Going to South Street with Erin, Dan, Chris and Jenna. Ooooh Yeaaaah.

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Mar. 5th, 2005

01:11 pm - Smile and take a drag. Laugh and say we're only having fun.

I think that vodka+weed=little brain. That was the most fucked up I've ever been. Haha. There were all these worlds going on at once and inside me I made perfect sense. The little brain was telling me what to do and I would just do it. It told me I only felt that way because I didn't have enough oxygen in my system. Then another part of me started to thinking that oxygen keeps us from being totally free and we shouldn't really be so dependent on it.
Gotta go to work. Ugh.

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